My name is Juan Fernández and I teach Spanish in London, at University College London.

Now, you will understand why my written English sounds a bit “peculiar”. Apologies for all the mistakes I will surely make in my posts; I hope that won´t put off people too much from reading my blog!

This blog will be my home during the ETMOOC weeks. I will try to post as often as my job allows me, which might not be too much…

My intention is mainly to learn from others, as I feel there is so much I don´t know.

I agree that teaching and learning languages can be very much enhanced by using technology appropriately and I am trying to incorporate more and more technology in my classes. However,  the amount of information, knowledge and skills to learn feel sometimes as really overwhelming. I hope these weeks at ETMOOC will help me to make sense of the new things are happening right now in education and technology.

Please, feel free to comment and make suggestion to any of my posts.


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