First session at Blackboard Collaborate

One of the best thing, for me, was to experience being in contact with so many people around the world at the same time, in front of the same whiteboard and sharing ideas with each other. As a teacher,  I started to see possibilities for my own classes.

It is a really different kind of experience to what I was expecting from a course of this kind. Well, I am not sure what I was exactly expecting, but maybe a structured course with clear guidelines, specific aims and objectives, a proper syllabus, homework, tests, etc… I supposed I was expecting a “normal” distance course, just enhanced a bit with the use of some new technological “toys” (twitter, google +, etc). I think I was wrong.

In Etmooc you are supposed to set your own objectives, choose whether attend or not, decide what works for you and what doesn´t, pick up here and there, learn now or later… It sounds exciting, chaotic, new, refreshing, demanding, freer, scary… Have you been to a hotel where they provide free buffet with lovely food, eat as much as you like? Well, at the beginning I often say to myself I won´t be eating so much as the last time, but I always end up trying everything, eating too much and getting sick. I hope I can learn to manage my participation in Etmooc in a better way 🙂

And there doesn´t seems to be “teachers” either. We are supposed to learn from each other. It sounds interesting, but there are so many people involved that I wonder if we will be able to understand each other. We´ll see whether it works or not in the following weeks.


About Juan Fernández

HE Spanish teacher in love with London I am from Granada, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, but I have lived in UK for almost twenty years. I have always been interested in languages, travelling and learning about other people's cultures. Maybe that's why I teach Spanish in London, at University College London. Recently I have become more and more interested in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
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One Response to First session at Blackboard Collaborate

  1. Maureen says:

    Hola Juan,
    I appreciate what you say about this experience moving us into reflection about ways of learning and ways of knowing, as well as analysis and strategy about how we will proceed with our own learning. I believe your writing has captured emotions many of us have in common. It takes time, patience and courage to learn. I look forward to it!

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